some random poop

#1: A great post yesterday at the fine Pet Connection blog:  Poop parity: Do your share and then some

The best way to prevent transmission for you and your pets is to regularly pick up not only your dog’s feces from your yard, but to pick up piles someone else left at the dog park or in your neighborhood.

Yes, I know it’s disgusting and it’s not fair.

I know you don’t have to do it, and ohmydog what did that dog eat?

It’s a call for Poo Angels, as we know them. Poop parity! There’s an interesting Comments thread, and an important issue is raised:

Can someone answer me this – why is it my gag reflex isn’t triggered by my own dog’s or a friend’s dog’s poop, but a cold, lonely orphan poop sends me into gag hell?

Great question, and a true one – my dog’s poo doesn’t smell! 🙂

#2: Watch out for I Scoop Mad Poop!  Mad Poop showed up with a flurry of tweets last month. They look to be an ally in the good fight.  Keep it up!

#3: By now, most of you have probably heard:  “Dog eats Rockford man’s big toe, saves his life“. Be sure to read the Comments section!  ‘Just some of the “teachable moments” in this story’ Ha ha ha! Awesome!

And why do these morons figure they need to kill their dogs just for chewing off their rotten toes – yes, this has happened before!

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