Pickin’ up the poo… on YouTube!

We were wondering whether there would be any ‘how to’ videos on YouTube… so we searched ‘how to pick up dog poop’… and, hey, there are a bunch!

Are they any good?

Let’s see…

The first one starts out out of focus… that doesn’t bode well… and the dispenser is empty!  And it stays out of focus, even as our narrator ruminates about how we should be dropping poop into “big holes in the ground“.  But at least you get to see the DogiPot diagram.  Oh well.  Not much here.


This one’s a special treat.  A vet’s ‘clinical‘ take on picking up poop… you gotta love the ‘technical language’, and don’t forget your stethoscope! But, ha ha ha!  How about carrying around a box of rubber gloves so you’re always ready to pick up the poo!?!  An ‘academic exercise’, perhaps, but probably not relevant to the ‘man on the street’.


This one, short and simple… after the ‘big dump‘… but it’s hard to see what’s going on.  Looks like the fellow is using a produce bag he stole from the nearby Piggly Wiggly.  Hard to learn much from this one.


And, oh boy, this is so NOT the “best way to pick up poop“.  This is a really dumb idea.  This is an amazingly dumb idea. This should be archived in the world library of dumb ideas.  Can you imagine the stink of accumulated poo bits fermenting in a vacuum cleaner left to stew in your garage for a summer? OMG. I sure don’twant to know‘ this:


Then, there’s always good ol’ Poopsta coming up with new ways to pick up poop.  Poopsta-on-a-string… actually, that’s kinda cool!  They have a bunch of videos on YouTube – watch ’em all!


Now, we get to the ‘good’ ones…  This video is bizarre, yet sometimes oh so charming!

First.. you’ll need… the dog’s… feces…

Picking up poo… is a job that should be… enjoyed…

Anyone at any age…. can do it…

Hey I found a fork!


The next one’s less about technique than being an honest portrayal of the normal reaction to picking up ‘teh poo’!  You go girl! That’s the problem, right?  A lot of these videos are representing the process as ‘you put your hand in the bag, you pick up the object, you invert the bag, and toss it’, as if it were as simple as putting a key in a lock or putting a hat on your head. If it were that simple, there would be no need for a South Poop!


Here’s some down to earth techniques from Zephyr at Miami Dog Training… I like this one – straightforward, simple.  But how about the idea of ‘flicking’ a newspaper under your pup as he poops?  Clever idea, but it would take some mighty skillz to accomplish that task without breaking ‘Fido’s concentration!


This might be one of the best instructional videos.  Again, straightforward steps 1, 2, 3.. and some ‘helpful’ tips – good dog food (of course), and that damn latex glove idea, again. You gotta wonder, though, about the purpose of the final ‘info bit’ about the billions of pounds of dog poo produced in the US each year. (By the way, that’s 48 lbs of poo per dog.)


And finally, this fine video – isn’t this a charming spelling: ‘pooh’? – that shows us all that picking up poo is as enjoyable as relaxing on the Eames and sipping a frosty Martini.

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  1. October 6, 2010 at 9:34 am

    Looking for the best way to “pick up after your dog” ( like it would be interested whether you did )brought me a lot of hilarious moments. Looking on youtube I found various ( not so ) ingenious ways to do it. Pix-it-up, Grabs-it, Scoopergenie, Poo-trap, Poopysak, Doody-duffle, Skooperbox, Parachute-dog, Swoop-the-poop, Scoopex, Scoopy-the-poo and Puds-scooper. I have seen them all ! And some were really disgusting, others really funny. And some made me feel sorry for the dog in question. Funny thing is: my father ( who died 13 years ago ) invented an “early” Poop-shovel-device-thingy and sold the invention for 5000 old Dutch Guilders. It was cute but too heavy to carry for most people and never made it to the market. There you have the reason for my “quest” on youtube. Then I had the “Eureka”-moment. The “POOPSTA”. Oh my Goodness ! Brilliant ! The first device that actually is simple, sturdy and working easy. And really working without getting your hands or equipment dirty. And, very important, without a squeezing-droppings-between-fingers-problem. If there were a Nobelprize for inventions, the “POOPSTA”-guys would deserve it ! If you wanna have a good laugh, look for especially the following Youtube-video’s: The Poo-trap ( poor dogs ), Ecogirl, Puds scooper instructional video ( takes you an extra hour to walk the dog, lol ) and compare with the POOPSTA. Easy pick, so to say. The only thing that comes near is the “Scoopex”. But you would still be carrying a bag. So “POOPSTA” has no serious competition if you ask me. Brilliant.

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