giant poo. empty dispenser. it “could” be coincidence.

This morning at Grant Bark Park a huge poo was left on the asphalt near the north entrance.  This is very unusual.  Sure, we’ve reported on poos at GBP before – but typically those are found in the large pea gravel area next to the tracks. To see something this massive out in the open, and on the hard surface of the park… very odd.

The poo bag dispenser at the park was empty, too.  It “could” just be coincidence.

Could someone have come to the park expecting to pick up a bag, and then been mortified to realize that nothing was available with which to pick up the poo?  Imagine them having to slink away quickly with ‘Ruff’ at their side, praying that nobody would notice…  Who knows?

There was only one other dog at the park when this picture was taken – a ‘small fluffy’ that would have had to turn its whole insides out to release such a mass.  Unlikely.

But it does raise a question – does supplying a bag dispenser breed dependence?  Is this poo here because the South Loop Dog PAC hasn’t re-filled the dispenser yet?  Or, should people be expected to be more resourceful – a bag’s a convenience, but in a pinch use a piece of litter, the latest Tribune, or even some leaves?

There may be a fine balance here that we need to explore. Some people are more comfortable with ‘the poo’ than others. Some are responsible. Some are poo fairies. Some are poo cowards. And some are just jerks. What does a bag dispenser communicate to each of these groups?

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