A friend of South Poop on Facebook

First, let’s look at some numbers.

According to its Press Statistics page, Facebook has 500 Million Active Users

250 Million of them log in on any given day.

According to the AVMA, 37.2 % of Households in the US have dogs.

(That’s 43 Million dog owning households with 72 Million dogs!)

Wordwide, let’s say the percentage is less, how about 30%?   And let’s make up that there are 2.5 Facebook users per household.

That means that there should be 200 Million Facebook “Households” worldwide.

And there should be 60 Million Dog Owning Facebook Households – worldwide!  Let’s hope that at least one member of each household picks up their dog’s poo!

So how come the Facebook page “I love dogs and care enough to pick up my dog’s poop.” has only 16 Likes??

That means that there are 59,999,984 missing ‘Likes‘!

Or, more accurately, if 75% of the population (using US statistics) is classified as ‘Urban’ (who cares where Fido goes on the farm), then Forty Four  Million Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Eight additional people should be ‘Liking‘ this page!

From their description:

Calling all dog lovers! This page is a simple public declaration that DOG OWNERS DO CARE enough to pick up poop.

One simple click on ‘Like’ is all it will take!

Give it some love – if you’re on Facebook, take a look at the page, and Like!

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