“South Loop Residents Say Enough!” at Chicagotalks.org

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a nice article at ChicagoTalks.org:

South Loop Residents Say Enough With the Dog Poop | Chicagotalks.

There’s some useful perspective in the article, but what struck us as particularly interesting is that each of the people interviewed picks up other people’s dog poo!

John Simeone takes his Hound mixed, Maverick, to the unofficial dog park next to their apartment on State and Harrison streets every day. He picks up after other dogs, as well. He said as dog owners, people need to start taking responsibility.

“I’ve never actually seen anyone not pick it up, but I’ve actually picked up other people’s stuff because when I’m down getting [Bolu’s], I’m like, oh well,” said Jessica Hitch.

She said even though it keeps the peace, and it’s the right thing to do, she’s tired of picking up other dog’s messes. “I go to the extra mile, and I pick up what we call ‘orphan poos,’” said Focia.

These are the good guys! Thanks John, Jessica & Pamela!


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