Users of the 18th St. field don’t read South Poop!

A correspondent reported last Friday that she found 48 poos on the field north of 18th St. We’ve commented on the field before – it’s a wonderful resource for people with dogs in the area that’s going to disappear someday, perhaps sooner rather than later if the poo problem gets out of hand!

What can we do about it? We have a bunch of ideas:

a) Flag the poos. Why? Two reasons – 1st: to bring attention to the number of poos left behind – You can walk away, but there they are, all your poos! And 2nd: to alert other users of the field, soccer players, football throwers, frisbee tossers, and dog owners, that it’s a mess out there.

b) Wildcat a banner. Something like ‘Pick up your freaking poo! Sponsored by South Poop.‘. Why? 1st: To get it in their face. Your poo cowardice is an anonymous act, but people do notice what you’re doing. And 2nd: Perhaps we could raise awareness of  South Poop. Whether a banner would last (recall the ‘Poo Bandits’ sign at Polk St. last year) is another question, but we’re willing to give it a try.

c) Request additional trash bins. Why? So that there’s a convenient place to leave a bag. The 2-3 bins near the entrance are a long walk from where Fido goes poop. Let’s make it more convenient. To do this, we’ll need to contact the Alderman and/or the Chicago Park District. The park is in the 25th Ward, currently represented by Daniel Solis.

d) Request a poo bag dispenser. Perhaps the South Loop Dog PAC could coordinate this (as they did in the off-leash dog areas)? Why? 1st: To make it clear to dog owners that the community expects you to pick up after your pup. And 2nd: to make it easy for people to reach for a bag, without excuses. To do this, too, we’ll need to contact the Alderman and the CPD. And we’d have to come up with an arrangement to keep the bag dispenser filled.

e) Stake out the field. There’s ample parking north of the field – sit and watch!  Why? So that we can run yelling after poo cowards proffering them a fresh bag! But really, does anyone want to volunteer for that??

We haven’t implemented these ideas yet and some of them would cost money. Not a lot, but it would be interesting to see if there’s community support in the way of $$ contributions to make these things happen.

So, what to do?

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