Ah, public toilets for dogs!

Or, as they would say in Pune, India, “Loos for Pets”.

So, is this an idea that will go over in the South Loop?

Dog toilet design
A urine block is made using rough soil and fine sand. For dog excreta, special chambers covered with mesh that will be easy to use are planned. “We need to avoid unwanted use for any other purpose. We also want to avoid dog fights inside the toilet compound area, as some dogs can be quite aggressive,” Gore said. “The importance of these toilets shall be described to citizens. Training certain dogs to make use of these places is another task we wish to begin.”

Indeed!  This is really a lovely idea…

And it seems to be a serious proposal!

“The authorities are thinking about it,” said Gore. With 4,000 registered dog lovers facing problems of health and hygiene, the initiative has been welcomed. Gore’s plan is to begin with a ward at Nigdi Pradhikaran or Chinchwad station first. Each pet toilet is estimated to cost Rs 50,000 and, according to the proposal, at least 12 to 15 shall be installed at various spots.

To lift the picture and caption illustrating the article – Are they toilet trained? 

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