iScoopy Pal

Looks like Poopsta has a run for its money!  Check out these stylishly decorated poop containers for the modern urban girl with fashion sense!   More of teh Awesome.

This seems to be a thoughtfully designed device (and I don’t mean just the Eiffel Towers!).  Some of the design goals:

  • Eliminates Feel – iScoopy Pal™ isolates the hand from contact with dog poop. It exemplifies a light, flexible, ergonomic design customized for the human hand yet sturdy enough for scooping dog waste for Zero touch.
  • Alleviates Sight – Minimizes sight during and after scooping by completely enclosing the dog waste. By providing a visual barrier between the dog owner and the waste, iScoopy Pal™ eases an unpleasant responsibility.
  • Manages Smell – Odors stemming from dog excrements are generally unbearable. iScoopy Pal™ offers several natural fragranced scents to mask these odors.
  • Enables Effective Scoop – An ergonomic design that eliminates feel, alleviates sight, and manages smell enabling the owner to effectively remove dog poop using a single scooping motion for zero mess.

Here’s the video:  

Perfect for the up-and-coming, modern, and stylish South Loop of Chicago!

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