“in tiny curls”

A world of waste and errant paws,
Where sidewalks suffer unjust laws,
Within this mound, a story told,
Of ancestry and genes, both young and old.

In every pile, a history unfurls,
A testament to life in tiny curls,
Encoded there, DNA’s embrace,
Helps catch those scofflaws in this space.

With science as our steadfast guide,
We seek the truth, nowhere to hide,
In each dog’s mess, a hidden clue,
DNA to the rescue, justice due.

For those who leave their pets’ remains,
Neglecting rules, creating stains,
We turn to genes, a silent snitch,
To track down culprits, inch by inch.

In swabs and samples, secrets wait,
To link the deeds to those we hate,
The scofflaws who refuse to bend,
To laws that owners must defend.

With DNA’s precise insight,
We’ll catch the culprits, day and night,
No more can they escape the law,
Their actions now exposed, in awe.

Let justice reign, let fairness flow,
For cleaner streets where we all go,
DNA, our ally strong,
To right the dog poop’s wrongful wrong.

> write a poem about using DNA to catch dog poop scofflaws

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