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Snow blankets the ground,
Hidden treasures beneath white,
Winter dog poop waits.

> write a haiku about winter dog poop


“life’s ever-turning round”

In gardens green, where flowers bloom and sway,
Lies transient truth upon each passer’s way.
O Dog Poo, fleeting guest of morning dew,
You teach of life’s impermanence, do convey.

Once proud and bold, a presence hard to miss,
Now reduced to mere fragments, in abyss.
Your journey brief, from gut to earth’s embrace,
Reflects our transient essence, shared by us.

Oh, what a tale you tell, O fleeting mound,
Of nature’s call, and passing of life’s bound.
From canine’s gut to ground’s accepting womb,
In evanescent time, you are unbound.

Let not disdain obscure the wisdom found,
For in your form, life’s cycles do resound.
As sun and rain bestow their fleeting grace,
You teach that all in life is outward bound.

Though people scoff and turn their gaze away,
Your presence holds a lesson to convey.
In laughter’s light, remember your refrain,
Life’s fleeting nature, let it guide our way.

So, Dog Poo, transient symbol on the ground,
You teach us of life’s ever-turning round.
Let’s learn from you, embrace our finite days,
And in acceptance, wisdom shall be found.

> write a ghazal with the theme the transience of dog poo

> now in urdu

باغوں کی سبزیوں میں جہاں پھولوں کی خوشبو مہکتی ہے،
وہاں ہر گزرنے والے کے راستے پر ایک عارضی حقیقت لیٹی ہے۔
اے کتے کی گوبری، صبح کی بونی پر موجود ایک فانی حقیقت، تو یہ بیان کرتی ہے۔

کبھی فخر سے بھرپور اور بڑے ہوتے ہوئے، دیکھنے والوں کے لئے پیچھے نہیں ہوتے،
اب صرف ٹکڑوں میں مختصر، ایک اندھیرے میں۔
تمہاری مختصر سفری، پیٹ سے زمین کے آغاز کے گلو میں،
ہماری انسانی ذات کی مؤقتیت کو، ہم سے مشترک کرتی ہے۔

اے، کتے کی گوبری! تم کتنی داستان بیان کرتی ہو، آئندہ دنوں کی مؤقتیت کی۔
پہلے گرجا چڑھ کر، دلائل ہوتی تھیں،
اب صرف ذرات میں تقسیم ہو کر، غارت کی۔
تمہارا سفر مختصر تھا، جو پیٹ کی انتہائی پرسکون ہو کر، زمین کی دلئی گود میں ہوا،
زمانے کی معمولی مدت میں، تم آزاد تھے۔

نفرت کو تاریکی میں چھپنے نہ دو، تاکہ پائیداری کی معراج پر واقفیت نہ ہو۔
کیونکہ تمہاری شکل میں، زندگی کے چکر کا اظہار ہوتا ہے۔
جیسے سورج اور بارش اپنی مختصر جگہ دیتے ہیں،
تم سکھاتے ہو کہ زندگی میں سب کچھ باہر کی طرف جا رہا ہے۔

بھلائی کا منہ دکھانے والے اور اپنی نظریں ہٹانے والے مت بنو،
تمہاری موجودگی میں ایک سبق پنہاں ہے۔
ہنسی کی روشنی میں، تمہیں تصور کریں کی آواز،
زندگی کی فانی ماہیت، ہماری راہنمائی کرنے دو۔

تو کتے کی گوبری، زمین پر موجود ایک مناسب علامت!
تم ہمیں زندگی کے مسلسل موڑوں کی طرف راہ دکھاتے ہو۔
ہمیں تم سے سیکھنا چاہئے، ہمارے معین دنوں کو قبول کرنا چاہئے،
اور قبولیت میں، حکمت کو پائیں۔

> now in hindi

हरित मण्डल में, जहाँ फूलों की खुशबू फैलती है,
वहीं हर गुजरने वाले के मार्ग पर अनित्य सत्य लेटा है।
ओ कुत्ते की मल, सुबह की भीगी ग्रास पर स्थित विषयवासी सत्य, तू सिखाती है।

कभी गर्वित और आत्मविश्वासी, एक पासवर्ड होते हुए,
अब तो केवल टुकड़ों में छिपा, अंधकार में।
तेरा सफर संक्षिप्त होता है, पेट से पृथ्वी की गोद में,
जीवन के अनित्य स्वरूप का प्रतिनिधित्व करता है, हम सभी से साझा।

अह, कुत्ते की मल! जिसने एक यात्रा की है, सुनो, आने वाले दिनों की अनित्यता की।
पहले गरजती थी तुम्हारी गरिमा और भावुकता,
अब तुम सिर्फ खंडों में विभाजित हो, एक अजगर में।
तुम्हारा सफर संक्षिप्त था, कुत्ते के पेट से पृथ्वी की आलिंगन से लेकर,
अनुभव में क्षणिक समय में, तुम मुक्त थे।

नफरत को अंधकार में छिपने देने की अनुमति न दें,
क्योंकि तुम्हारी मौजूदगी एक सिख लाती है।
हँसी की रौशनी में, तुम्हारा संगीत याद रखें,
जीवन की अनित्यता, हमें मार्गदर्शन करने दो।

तो, कुत्ते की मल, भूमि पर अस्थित एक अस्थायी प्रतीक!
तुम हमें जीवन की चक्रवृद्धि की ओर मार्गदर्शन करते हो।
हमें तुमसे सिखना चाहिए, हमारे संकीर्ण दिनों को स्वीकार करना चाहिए,
और स्वीकृति में, हमें बुद्धिमत्ता प्राप्त होगी।


“secrets unbound”

Dog poop on the ground,
DNA secrets unbound,
Justice will be found.

> write a haiku about DNA fingerprinting dog poop


“in tiny curls”

A world of waste and errant paws,
Where sidewalks suffer unjust laws,
Within this mound, a story told,
Of ancestry and genes, both young and old.

In every pile, a history unfurls,
A testament to life in tiny curls,
Encoded there, DNA’s embrace,
Helps catch those scofflaws in this space.

With science as our steadfast guide,
We seek the truth, nowhere to hide,
In each dog’s mess, a hidden clue,
DNA to the rescue, justice due.

For those who leave their pets’ remains,
Neglecting rules, creating stains,
We turn to genes, a silent snitch,
To track down culprits, inch by inch.

In swabs and samples, secrets wait,
To link the deeds to those we hate,
The scofflaws who refuse to bend,
To laws that owners must defend.

With DNA’s precise insight,
We’ll catch the culprits, day and night,
No more can they escape the law,
Their actions now exposed, in awe.

Let justice reign, let fairness flow,
For cleaner streets where we all go,
DNA, our ally strong,
To right the dog poop’s wrongful wrong.

> write a poem about using DNA to catch dog poop scofflaws



I saw the best minds of a canine generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked,
Dragging themselves through the sidewalks at dawn, finding a worthy spot to unload
A filthy pile of intestinal concoction, steaming and rank, leaving an offering to the Gods of the street.

Barking, furiously, their noses to the ground, animals searching for a suitable place,
Where their innermost secrets can be expelled, a ritual of bodily liberation,
While hipsters in coffeeshops sip lattes, oblivious to the profound excretions outside.

Who howled and whimpered to submit to the primal call of nature,
Who sniffed and scratched, seeking solace in the aromas, traces of their brethren,
Who left their mark, a brown graffiti, on the urban canvas.

Who wagged their tails in innocent joy, ignorant of the chaos left behind,
Who breached the boundaries of decorum and cleanliness,
Who embraced their true selves, uncensored and unashamed.

I saw the best minds of a canine generation, unburdened by human judgment,
Creating their art in the unexpected places, a testament to their authentic lives,
Lifting their legs, marking their territory, leaving a message for all who pass by.

O dog poets of the pavement, your fecal verses play along the sidewalks,
A symphony of scents, a mosaic of messages, a reminder. Life’s beauty
Lies in its expressions of existence.

> dog poo verse in the style of allen ginsberg


Deuteronomy 23:12-14 (Canine Version)


12 Thou shalt designate a special place for thy dog’s business, beyond the confines of thy dwelling, for the cleanliness of thy home.

13 And thou shalt carry a scoop, a shovel, or a plastic bag with thee when thou takest thy dog for a walk, and when thy dog doth his business, thou shalt diligently scoop it up.

14 For the Lord thy Dog walketh in the midst of thy neighborhood, and His presence must be kept pure and pleasant, that thy neighbors may not be offended. Thou shalt dispose of it properly, for it is unclean unto thee, and thou shalt cleanse thy surroundings.


> write bible verses, but about dog poop


“unwanted gift”

Amidst grass it lay,
Unwanted gift on display,
Nature’s art dismayed.

> again, dog poo haiku please


“Love Song of J. Alfred Poo-frock”

Let us trot then, you and I,
Where pooches dare to squat and sigh,
A furry bard with tails to ply,
Among the grass where treasures lie.

Yellow streetlamps with a flicker,
Reveal the paths where canines bicker,
Among the gardens, they’re the pickers,
In moonlit nights, a scent-filled liquor.

The moon retreats, the stars are bright,
Above the lawns of the silent night,
There, ‘neath the trees, in plain sight,
Lie parcels left by nature’s might.

Oh, do they dare remain ignored,
These offerings left untoward?
Full of stories yet unexplored,
In each mound, a mystery stored.

And should I, with bag in hand,
Dispose of waste so nobly planned?
Or let it linger, mark the land,
A silent story, hard to withstand?

Oh, Fido, do you pause and ponder,
As you squat and pause yonder,
What legacies you leave behind,
In each pile left for humankind?

Do you measure out your days,
In steaming heaps and odorous sprays,
Wondering if these trails you blaze,
Will echo in the nights and days?

So let us wander, you and I,
In that realm where dog waste lies,
With every mound that meets the eye,
A chapter in the canine’s sigh.

And as we tread upon this earth,
A symphony of scents and mirth,
Remember well the stories told,
In each little mound, a tale unfolds.

“> the first few verses of the love song of j alfred prufrock, but make it about dog poo”


“a vital part”

Upon the verdant grass it rests, a foul surprise,
A canine’s mark left behind, nature’s call obeyed,
A pungent scent wafts through the air, the scene defies,
This uninvited presence, a mess to be conveyed.

Its texture vile, its color a repulsive brown,
A testament to digestion’s work, not to admire,
Yet even in its unpleasant state, a lesson’s found,
In cycles of life and waste, we can’t deny or tire.

The sun above casts its warm and golden light,
Illuminating this unsightly, grotesque creation,
A reminder of the balance in nature’s daily fight,
Between beauty and decay, a constant oscillation.

As time passes, the odor fades, the mess erased,
But the memory lingers, a lesson to impart,
In this cycle of life, nothing’s to be replaced,
For even the unpleasant plays a role, a vital part.

So let this doggie deposit, though offensive to the nose,
Serve as a reminder of life’s intricate dance,
In the grand tapestry of existence, each piece compose,
A mosaic of experiences, a fate we all enhance.

> dog poo sestina please


“foul gift”

Foul gift on the ground,
Nature’s call left to be found,
Brown beneath the sun.

> dog poo haiku please