Pick Up Poo (PUP)

We’ll be following this idea as it develops:

A TEAM of dog poo police could soon be patrolling the streets of Yatton in a bid to crackdown on irresponsible owners who don’t pick up after their animals.

Volunteers will walk around hot spot areas of the village, in a bid to raise awareness about dog fouling, hand out poo bags and talk to dog owners who persistently offend.

They would also wear armbands to identify themselves as being part of the scheme.

The pilot scheme, called Pick Up Poo (Pup), is being set up by members of Yatton Pact, to tackle the national problem at a local level.

It sounds like it’s not off the ground yet:

Yatton Pact is putting together a grant application to Yatton Parish Council to fund the design and purchase of armbands, poo bags and for the printing of leaflets.

Here’s a measure of the scope of the problem:

One check of the Strawberry Line route revealed 91 separate incidents of dog fouling within a 300 metre stretch.

That’s one poo every 3.2 meters, or one poo/10 feet.  That’s a lot!

(The Strawberry Line is a converted rail line biking & walking path that leads south out of Yatton.)

This sounds like something that only the English (Keep Britain Tidy!) could come up with.

How about it?

PUP patrollers wearing South Poop armbands roaming the South Loop city streets?

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