Shocking development

This just in from Facebook:

Poop Police: Witnessed a woman who lives in the Tides watch her dog take a giant dump NEXT TO A TRASHCAN, and not pick it up this morning around 8:30am. She has two dogs, one is a white pom-shiba looking thing, and the other is a black cattle dog with white spots. If any of you see her outside and witness her not pick up after her dogs again, please say something. I saw her as I was getting into an uber this morning so I wasn’t able to say anything. I certainly will when I see her next.

We all have to work together to keep the park clean, people like this woman are the reason that we have to fight so hard to get access to maggie daly park and other areas of the city because unfortunately she makes it a valid argument that dog owners don’t clean up after their pets.


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