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Hello world!

We moved to a new server!

Please be patient while we work out the hiccups.


Who left that dog poo?

This is a proposal for a site to track, report, and find the perps leaving dog poo around the South Loop of Chicago.

I imagine that contributors (who are known and registered), and the public (who are not registered), could report ‘orphan poos’ as posts or as comments, respectively.  Contributors could take advantage of the iPhone WordPress app to report sitings ‘on scene’.

Comments will be moderated, so offensive messages can be headed off before they show up online. Similarly, administrators will be able to revise and/or clean up unfortunate wording in posts.

We will be able to add a map plugin to keep a visual record of the reports.  Follow up observation and/or speculations can be made in the comments.

We will also be able to provide pointers to the location of dog bag dispensers (although this program is still a disaster – perhaps things will improve in the coming year) and appropriate trash receptacles.

Any ideas, add them in the comments!