Your dog has pooped. Now what?

We were alerted by JohannTheDog to an awesome post at All Over AlbanyIt’s Winter. Your dog has pooped. What now?

Well, we’ve thought a lot about this issue. And we finally came to the conclusion that winter somehow impairs the ability of some people to make good decisions about whether they should pick up their dog’s poop.

What a beautiful flowchart to help you make your decision!


It’s nice that you are provided with many options, including ‘Think of the Karma’ and ‘Wow, you really are a jerk!’.

It’s also nice that a PDF version is provided for easy printing. Let’s see some of these printed, laminated, and posted on the fences of the South Loop in coming months!

And, check out the comments.

DJdubJay – And hey… guy with two large dogs who just moved to the 100 block of Lancaster, can we talk for a minute? … Since you moved here, the ratio of “clean” sidewalk to steaming piles and grainy smears has rapidly been approaching an awful kind of fecal singularity.


Gretchen – As the owner of a puppy who loves “poopsicles,” I hate these people. Even good dog owners have had to leave a poop behind on rare occasions due to running out of bags, but, while I’m certainly not an expert in poop identification, I see what looks like evidence of repeat offenders on our regular route. It should be legal to pelt these people with snowballs.


Jen – @Rebecca is absolutely right that feeding a good diet is crucial. It really is terrible when you are walking a dog who poops four times during the walk, with each one getting progressively more pudding-like and hard to clean up. Good quality food makes for healthy poops that are easy to pick up!


Thanks AOA!

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