Sprinkle Brigade

Those New York City Artists are at it again! 

  • If you enjoy dog poo as the decorative arts!
  • If you enjoy the post-modern yet not-so-serious whimsy of the modern starving artist!
  • If you want to really take ART back to the streets!
  • If you enjoy your dog poo contextualized within the representational space of the New York artistic elite!

Then : : : SPRINKLE BRIGADE : : : is the place for you!

Over the fold to check out some of their awesome ‘pieces’!

You can still get their book ‘Sprinkle Brigade, Vol 1’ at Amazon – Five Star Review!

Unfortunately Sprinkle Brigade seems to be no more.

But we can at least give them a ‘hats off!’, and acknowledge our betters who came before and who inspire us even today!

(And a tip-of-the-hat to Bill of Poo Free Parks for letting us know about this awesome outfit!)

1 Response to “Sprinkle Brigade”

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