Science meets poo. Poo loses.

Science meets poo. Poo loses. 

The AshPoopie is coming! 

What is the AshPoopie, you ask? We’re glad you did!


Quite simply, the AshPoopie turns your dog’s poop into a sterile pile of ash.

This once was a poo:

How does it work?

The device enables the dog owner to scoop up the dog’s poo with the press of a button and within seconds transform it into harmless, sterile ash which can be safely disposed of.

The easy to carry device contains special AshPoopie tablets and is incredibly simple to operate. A button on the device is pressed out comes a scoop and collects the smelly mess and within 10 seconds of pressing a second button, as if by magic, the dog’s poo has been replaced by odourless and sterile ash.


The secret appears to be a chemical reaction that occurs on mixing two harmless AshPoopie chemical tablets and a set of motor-driven blades within the AshPoopie to mix the chemicals with the scooped poop.

We want the device to be the most useful for any dog owner, sexy, easy to carry and operate and the most important thing – we want you to get back home and do nothing with it besides recharging and change the cartridge which should contain enough capsules (designed to be replaced once or twice a month), no other maintenance, no cleaning as it will be a self cleaning device, no smell, no marks or stains.

The chemicals which we are using are most safe and inexpensive and are used in many industries on an everyday basis.

This really does look like a fantastic device, and it has received a lot of mention in the blog-o-sphere:




The Bark

The device has been patented in Europe and the United States, and retail sales in the US are planned for sometime in 2012.

It does seem that the AshPoopie is going to work best with ‘well-formed’ poops, so if you buy one, be sure that you feed your dog the best quality food! The AshPoopie not going to pick up when your dog is having a ‘bad day’!

We’ll be looking forward to seeing the AshPoopie in action!

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