Bad news about Takkie Kakkie

We posted about Takkie Kakkie, the family game a while ago. 

Now that it’s been available on Amazon for a while, there’s some bad news.

The newer reviews for ‘Doggie Doo‘ (as it’s called in the US) are not that great. Seventeen (17) one star reviews??

Here are some:

  • Complete Junk
  • Big Disappointment
  • Doggie does not Doo
  • Waste of money
  • Broke within 30 minutes
  • Name suits it because it’s a REALLY CRAPPY toy!!!

If the little plastic dog is ‘constipated’… well then the game can’t be much fun, now can it?

That seems to be the take-home from these reviews – and we’re all poorer for it.

But there’s also this review from ‘no prude’:

Really? You want a game about dog poop?

I’m no prude, but unless your goal is to teach your kids that being crass is cool and potty humor will advance their character, why would you spend a nickel on this product? This game lowers the bar for preschool and elementary children.With so many positive and educational choices out there, save your money and pass on this ridiculous game.


Lady, take a pill and start picking up after your dog.  If there ever was an idea for an ‘educational game’, this one was it.

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  1. 1 LR of The Frozen Midwest
    February 1, 2012 at 2:22 pm

    Well, “Doggie Doo” seems a whole sight better than some of the other body-function themed toys on the same Amazon page (“Gassy Gus,” “Pop the Pig”)

    Regarding the “constipation” issue, one commenter noted under a one-star review of Doggie Doo: “Another reviewer (who gave it five stars) mentioned that you must put the bone back in the dog’s mouth to create the suction that moves along the [“poo”]. Seems as though that’s worth trying.”

    And – you’re right – other than the real thing, what better “educational” way to teach kids about picking up their dog’s poop? 🙂

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