Est-ce que la crotte de chien fait de l’engrais?

Please, let the French explain it to you:

No, the dog poop is not fertilizer! For what has the slightest interest in the land, it should be composted.

The poop left on a green space has no benefit to the parks or gardens, on the contrary.  The urine burns the grass and dog droppings can remain for several weeks before disintegrating, which poses a real health problem. It contains germs, bacteria and parasites that are harmful to human health but also for all the dogs that shall put the nose to it.

The least we can say is that dog poop is not a decorative element that friends of the gardens enjoy, and what about its effect on children playing in the grass in the spring or summer?

It is also an issue of respect for the work of the gardener.  They do not like most that pedestrians have the dog poop underfoot.

That’s why even in green spaces, it is essential to pick up!

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