West Loop’s Dog Waste War

An update received today from Neighbors of West Loop hints at the terrible battle being fought these days in the West Loop of Chicago:

Last Friday, 20 lawn signs went up reminding people to keep dogs and their waste away from the grassy areas at Mary Bartelme Park. By Saturday morning, someone had removed the signs and thrown them in nearby garbage cans. DNAinfo reported the matter Saturday afternoon.

Shortly after the DNAinfo article was posted, Nat Stewart tweeted to NoWL and DNAinfo’s Stephanie Lulay that he had pulled five of the signs out of the trash and reposted two of them. Around the same time, Twitter user WestLooper said rule-breaking dog owners could expect to see their photos posted publicly on the social media site. [No pictures, yet!]

WestLooper’s comment made the headline in DNAinfo’s next piece, but the real story was dog owners proposing a compromise that would allow leashed canines on one of the park’s grassy areas.

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A West Looper

A West Looper


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