Poopins are important.

A new Kickstarter needs your support! Poopins are biodegradable poo markers that solve the problems caused by poo flags in the past!


Check out their video:

And give them your support!

SouthPoop approved! 

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  1. 1 southpoop
    July 29, 2015 at 2:09 pm

    Sadly, Poopins did not reach their funding goal:

    Hello. 3 days left – and unless theres a wealthy backer out there that is going to pledge a whopper in the next 72 hours we’re afraid to say we’re probably not going to hit the goal. We want to thank all of you for getting behind it – it’s humbling and we appreciate it. Over 100 global backers say we’re on the right track and those few lazy ass dog owners seem to be a problem everywhere in the world.

    Charlie’s still Happy

    We’ve looked at options of relaunching at a lower level but the initial setup, stock, packaging, R&D, printing etc means it doesn’t really stack up so we’ll shuffle away – tail between our legs and keep thinking of next steps and plan of attack to rid our neighbourhood of brown stains. All in all it’s raised some awareness, Campbell Live, international blogs, LA Examiner – We even had National Radio here in New Zealand want to do a feature next week on Simon Mortons this way up feature if we were successful – so we’ve learnt bunch about kickstarter and we’ll be back with something – sometime. Thanks a bunch – don’t step in a poo with bare feet – icky icky.

    Charlie the dog sheds a tear and bids you goodnight.

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